Discover East Carpathian Mountains in saddle

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Endless fields and mountains, beautiful pine forests, majestic rocks, csanglo and sekler culture, interesting people. Something more, something personal, moments, feelings and flavours, a real slice of Transylvania. You can feel the magic in the scenery, the kindness in the hosts, the selflessness, the confidence and the speed of our horses. We, the seklers and csangos will share everything you need to know about this region. The horseback riding tour starts from a place named Covacipeter ranch. This ranch can be found next to the Big Hasmas National park, it is 10 km distance from Gherorgheni. This is the most distant ranch of the Csango. 

During the first part of this tour we will travel through a pert of the Csango area. Trei Fantani, Valea Rece, Naskalat and then Seklerland. From here starts the second part of our tour. Through the Gherorgheni and Ciuc Mountains we will go back to the Covacipeter ranch. At this part of our tour we will wander in great forests and glance in the distance from magnificent peeks.

The main mountain peaks we will reach: VF. Sipos 1568m - Muntele Negru 1538m  - Naskalat 1550m - Vf. Ecem 1706m - Muntii Hasmas 1792 m - Covacipeter 1375m.


Accommodation: 6 nights in guesthouses.

We provide two hot meals and a picnic per day.

Hours spend with riding: on average 5-5.30 hours per day.

This trip is recommended for advanced riders, suitable for minimum 4 to maximum 8 riders. 


Horse, equipment, tour lead, accommodation, two hot meals and a picnic per day, welcome drink.



Meeting point is in Gheorgheni. The trip will last 7 days from which 5 days are completed on horseback. On the first day the arrival happens in the early evening and on the last day the departure happened before noon.


Required equipment: layered, warm clothes, hiking boots, raincoat, rain pants, helmet, chaps, headlight, flask for water, pocket knife, sun cream, swimsuit.

Travel insurance is recommended.


By appointment

From May to October weekly.



Strong and friendly tour horses. Most of them started out as workhorses so now that they are only used for riding it is much easier on them. We also have horses that were raised as tour horses so they are very reliable when it comes to climbing up the hills. The horses are free range so they are calm and balanced. 

We offer local food. Copious breakfast and three course dinner: soup, second course and dessert. Picnic for lunch.

We also prepare vegetarian meals if needed and pay attention to the allergies if you notice us in advance. 


Travel tips


Airport transfer possibilities:

Bucharest Airport: 330 km, 160 euro/ way/car (4 people). Transfer 

time 5-6 hours. 

Tirgu Mures airport: 150 km, 85 euro/way/car (4 people). Transfer time 2.30 hours.

Cluj Napoca airport: 230 km, 110 euro/way/car (4 people). Transfer time 4 hour.

Sibiu airport: 230 km, 110 euro/way/car (4 people). Transfer time 4 hours.


Train option

Train website: 

Destination is Gheorgheni.

If you need help contact us.