Circle trip in Harghita and Gurghiu, Mountains

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The specialty of this trip is that besides the comfortable riding distances, it provides various comfortable accommodations too.

These accommodations were selected in a way to provide something new every day: suitable and cozy family guesthouse, guesthouse in the forest and wellness housing. 

The riding distances grow gradually in order to make the adaptation easier and not to be too daunting. 

We start from Sandominic and make a circle trip including the northern part of the Harghita Mountains, the southern part of the Gurghiu Mountains and the Gheorgheni Mountains.

We recommend this trip to both beginner and advanced riders. 

We ensure two warm meals and a picnic for lunch every day. 

Hours spend on horseback average 5 hours per day.

The trip is suitable for minimum 3 maximum 8 persons.

We transport your baggage by car.



Horse, equipment, tour leading, accommodation, two hot meals and a picnic per day, welcome drink.



Meeting point Gheorgheni or Sandominic. This trip lasts seven days from which five days are spent on horseback. On the first day the participants arrive in the evening on the last day they leave before noon.



Required equipment: layered, warm clothes, hiking boots, raincoat, rain pants, helmet, chaps, headlight, flask for water, pocket knife. 

Travel insurance is recommended.


Recently I have five tour horses, from which three are mares and two are gelded stallions. They are local, strong and friendly horses. Most of them started out as workhorses so now that they are only used for riding it is much easier on them. 


We offer local food.

Copious breakfast and three course dinner: soup, second course and dessert. Picnic for lunch.

We also prepare vegetarian meals if needed and pay attention to the allergies if you notice us in advance. 

Travel tips


Airport transfer possibilities:

Bucharest Airport: 330 km, 160 euro/ way/car (4 people). Transfer 

time 5-6 hours. 

Tirgu Mures airport: 150 km, 85 euro/way/car (4 people). Transfer time 2.30 hours.

Cluj Napoca airport: 230 km, 110 euro/way/car (4 people). Transfer time 4 hour.

Sibiu airport: 230 km, 110 euro/way/car (4 people). Transfer time 4 hours.


Train option

Train website: 

Destination is Sandominic.

If you need help contact us.