This is not an ordinary bear viewing.

Would you like to see bear cubs in their natural habitat?

Visit the bear kindergarten.

This is not an ordinary bear viewing.

The concept

The bear kindergarten’s goal is to nurture and raise orphan bear cubs in a way that they will be able to go back and live in nature. The rehabilitation excludes every kind of human intervening in the cub’s lives.


It avoids them getting used to humans. Despite this the founders realized that it is possible to oversee and observe them without them knowing it.


Because this project needs founding the organizers would like to allow visits for those people who would like to support this cause. In order to realize this, they are working on a viewing system through which the cubs won’t know that they are being watched. 


This project is unique in Europe. If you want to support it please contact us! 

Visit price: 250 RON/person.

Maximum 3 persons.

The visit take 2-3 hours, only for adults.